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Animal Reiki

Healing for animals works based on the same principles as it does for people, that every living creature is made up of universal healing energy, therefore any additional energy put into the system will re-energise and relax the body helping it to repair itself more efficiently. Often healing is even more effective for animals than it is for people, as animals don't have any preconceived ideas which can create blocks to healing, they simply accept the healing energies and enjoy them. Healing for animals is 100% safe, has no side effects, can be used in conjunction with any other therapy whether complimentary or medical and will always benefit the animal on some level, even if this is just to bring about relaxation.

Animal Reiki. animal healing

How will Reiki help my pet?

Reiki healing can be used to treat any condition but can be particularly helpful for the following conditions;

  • Can help boost the immune system thus helping recovery.
  • Can help with arthritis, pain relief and to reduce inflammation.
  • Can be calming in stress, anxiety or trauma conditions, either past or present.
  • Can help stimulate tissue and cellular repair if needed i.e. after surgery or trauma.
  • Can help bring about deep relaxation.
  • Can help terminally ill animals make their transition from this life to the next.
  • Can work as a preventative measure, by clearing energy blocks in the body that may later have resulted in disease.

  • Animal Reiki & the law

    Hands on healing and distance healing is recognised by the RCVS (Royal College of veterinary Surgeons), but if your animal is unwell I can only offer healing if he/she is under the care of a vet. Energy healing should not be used as a replacement for veterinary care, but works well alongside it. Healing will not affect any treatment regime or medications your animal is receiving from the vet and I will not interfere with this process, nor can I diagnose or prescribe as specified in the 1966 veterinary surgeons act.

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