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Hello im Emma, thank you for looking around my website and finding out more about me and the therapies I offer. My journey to becoming a complementary therapist was a gradual, natural progression for me. From a young I knew i wanted to work in the field of caring for aimals, so afrer completing a bachelor of science degree in animal management and Welfare at Lincoln university I went on to work at a veterinary practice and trained as a veterinary nurse. I found veterinary medicine fascinating, i loved learning all about how the body worked, different conditions and how medications worked. As the years went on though, my interests graduallt began to shift and I become interested in complementary, or alternative therapies as they are sometimes known. Although I have the upmost of respect for vets I began to find veterinary medicine, as I do human medicine very one dimensional, only ever dealing with the symptoms of disease and not taking into consideration the underlying cause which can be physical, mental or emotional. Often animals would make a full reovery physically, but emotionally they were not the same. An acute disease such as cancer would chnage their personalities, leaving a once confident and outgoing dog shy and quiet. A cat which had been ran over woud recover, but retain the trauma of the accident and develop agraphobia.

This change in mindset led me to find Elizabeth Whiter, an international animal and human healer, and I decided to complete her animal healing diploma course. Through Elizabeth I learnt how to sense energy fields, and found I took to energy healing instantly , being able to easily feel the energy flowing through my hands and sense the different areas of the body, feeling naturally drawn to areas that needed attention. I began to practice energy healing at the vets I worked at, and had some fantastic results using energy healing with animals, it helped woth behavioural problems reducing aggression and anxiety and helped to support chronically unwell animals on longterm medication. My interest gradually turned towards people, I thought if I can get these great results with animals, then imagine what can I can do for people! I went on to train in Reiki and Energy Healing for people and after many years of honing my skills i have know also gone on to teach Reiki and Energy healing to others. As my interest in the many differnet healing arts grew, I also became interested in Crystals going on to train as a Crystal healer. I found crystals fascinating, they magnify healing energy and I often include them in my healing to help ballance the bodies energies and clear blockages. I am still fascinated with how the body works from a medical perspective so I decided to train as a Reflexologist as it ties in both the physical and the energetic bodies together. Reflexology is one of the main complemnatary therpies accepted by the medical community, with if now being offered on the NHS as a rgerapt for and is ofte used in hospices so much research is being carried out all the time.

My qualifications

I am a fully qualified clinical Reflexologist. I trained with the International institute of Reflexology in the original Ingram method of Reflexology gaining a level 3 City and Guilds diploma in Reflexology. I am a member of the AOR (Association of Reflexologists) the organisation that sets the stand

I studied and was attuned to traditional Usui Reiki and Tera-Mai Seichem. After many years of honing my Reiki healing skills I have now gone on to teach and attune other people to Reiki .

Crystal Healing
I trained with the Spiritual Ventures Association crystal healing school in Goole under the late Kath Huddleston, one of the few ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisation) registered schools.

Animal Healing
I trained with Elizabeth whiter successfully completing her animal healing diploma course and am a member of the healing animals association.

As time passed by my interest into different healing modalities grew, and it was then that I decided to train as a crystal therapist. This was something that came naturally to me as I had collected crystals from around 9 years of age, although I never understood why at the time! I have a natural affinity for them, and often combine Reiki and crystal healing as I find each amplifies the healing effects of the other. I undertook my 2year crystal therapy training through ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations) the organisation which act as the nationally recognised representative body for crystal healing. I have found crystal healing as well as the crystals themselves to be an invaluable toolon my own healing journey.

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